Do we know what the Covid-19 crisis has changed?

The crisis hits us 45 days ago, and a lot of experienced people have shared how they think about it. Most of the reading is either very high level, let’s build something new, or very deep into actionable details, such as you need 18 months cash, fire early,…

I found most of what I read immensely useful and insightful. However, I think it is essential to be patient. I do not think we can draw a fast conclusion as to what the new world is going to be and act on it. At least not yet.

Our new world started with a sanitary crisis and will turn into a significant humanitarian crisis. People are going to starve. Most people see the financial crisis, but before restoring our economy we must feed our people. If we do not put a protective system in place, we face a deep social crisis, where I can see people revolting and fighting for basic needs.

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